Blurring the lines between art and design, we, at Cali are dedicated to creating hand crafted pieces that are unique and distinctive made to become heirlooms that will be cherished forever. We are in awe of the astounding and inspiring artistry of our craftsmen, the rich tradition of hand embroidery and strive to preserve it from extinction.

Every piece at House of Cali has been made using ancient techniques passed down generations. We have combined this ancient craft with quirky and classic designs for our contemporary world.

Ever since we founded House of Cali in late 2012, we have set out to create the most coveted and distinctive objects d’art. Starting out with changing the landscape of cushion retail/decorative pillows in Pakistan, we have focused on innovating and inspiring. Each exhibit has questioned the norm as a special pop up experience. To meet the growing demand, in 2018, we decided to make our statement pieces more accessible to people world wide through e commerce.

Today our breath of influence spans from bespoke hand embroidered cushions, wall hangings, curated collections of furniture, to residential and commercial interior decoration and apparel design with luxe shawls and jackets and embroidered brooches.